Bariatric Wheelchair Choices

2016 range of Heavy Duty Wheelchairs up 450 kg - 70 stone user weight

Engineered and designed exclusively to meet bariatric user needs !

Eclipse Wheelchair
Click to Enlarge offers a range of heavy duty wheelchairs for health professionals, carers and users requiring a heavy duty transport wheelchair.

Our heavy duty wheelchair range is engineered to meet rigorous standards, and constructed with adjustment options to meet specific needs and bariatric wheelchair dimensions. The wide wheelchair seat widths will meet most user needs.

We supply both folding and rigid bariatric wheelchairs designed for maximum strength and rigidity and warranted for long term usage. The latest wide wheelchair frame designs ensure the user is seated safely but retains maximum mobility.

Our bariatric transport wheelchair range provides professionals with comprehensive solutions to meet even the most complex user needs, and providing safer handling for carers and attendants.

ENdynamics provide heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs for sales or rental, and with flexible contract service support options.

Wheelchair range features :

  • X4 Heavy Duty - self propel or transit options to 25 stone / 150kg user weight
  • Minimaxx - folding wheelchair up to 50 stone / 325kg
  • Eclipse- up to 70 stone / 450 kg maximum user weight and 44 inches / 112cm width
  • Eclipse Tilt - Tilting option for up to 42 stone / 270kg

ENdynamics heavy duty wheelchair range includes extra wide wheelchair seat widths plus a range of specialist bariatric seat cushions and seatpads.

Bariatric Wheelchair parts and accessories available, including powered options

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